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O.K., by now I have made myself perfectly clear, I Love To Fish! For me it is a matter of survival. Sububia gets to me quite frequently so....off to the river to try a new rod or just relax and let the day go by.

Today it is the new SAGE TCX. So why on earth did SAGE drop the TCR? Again pure economics. This new G5 technology is great! It takes my beloved TCR and makes it feel like a club.

It is more of a lighter, stronger, faster kinda thing than anything else. You know, just like the six million dollar man. ( I'm really not that old)

My TCR is just fine, however, my mind says buy this rod now! After picking up the rod I immediately headed for the water. I notice, as with all SAGE rods, the beautiful appointments.
In the sunlight it has a beautiful, greensih gold hue. Makes me want to hit the water even more.
It is considerably lighter than my TCR, however, it has just as much if not more punch.
Say it isn't so!
Yes my son, it is so!

The first few cast were up close, to feel the tip load, perfect is the only description here. The next few casts were in the wind at a longer distance(over 75 feet). The rod handled the floating line perfect, eve amazingly.

The real test, sinktip line. I loaded up my favorite sinktip and cast it hard. At 85ft. the TCX actually peeled another 12" off the reel as it hit the end of my line. Yeah Baby, that is exacttly what I was hoping for.

Amazingly smooth, fast and as beautiful a rod as they come.

Now my only dilemma is what will I have to sell to get one!

Watch Jerry explain the new TCX rod

Now SAGE on its' new TCX and G5 technology

o you like to go the distance? Get ready for the most powerful fly rods you’ve ever cast! The all new Sage TCX Fly Fishing Rod Series will blow your socks off with incredible G5 Technology graphite lay-up and dynamic new tapers. Sage’s rod wizard, Jerry Siem, went ‘beyond deep’ on this TCX Series to create a rod that will cast as far, or farther, than anything before it, yet, provides, in my opinion, a lightness and feel unattainable with past fly rod technologies.

Let’s face it. We’ve seen stiff, powerful, graphite tournament rods before; rods that could throw a ton of line IF you lifted weights, had a precise, vertical stroke and your last name sounded like Rajeff! Even so, these tournament-type rods of the past had very limited fishing applications for most anglers because they would not load adequately, and thus, performed poorly, at practical, short to medium fishing distances. Their broomstick-like qualities provided little or no feed back to the caster. And, they were relatively heavy and tiring to cast, so I would only recommend them to experts, and, even then, to be used primarily for throwing shooting head line systems.

The new Sage TCX Rods are much different critters than the rods from which they evolved. Yes, they are powerful and can boom out as much line as you can handle, but they’re noticeably lighter and much more responsive in hand. Sage G5 Technology, with its amazing success in the Sage Z-Axis and Xi2 Saltwater Series, gives the TCX the ability to load at virtually all distances and requires less effort to cast in the process. Yet, the TCX will generate blazing line speeds with just a couple of quick strokes! The result is a very powerful, ultra-fast action fly rod that is friendly to intermediate casters, as well as experts, and performs in a much wider range of fishing conditions utilizing overhead, roll, and single handed spey casts. So, if you’re seeking the ultimate fishing tool for reaching the far side of the river, accuracy in strong winds, and propelling big, bulky flies, you just found your Nirvana; the new Sage TCX Fly Fishing Rods. Oh, and if you’re still looking for a rod that will outcast all others in the parking lot, the TCX will do that, too! So, now you CAN have it all; unbridled power coupled with G5 sensitivity makes the Sage TCX a fishing rod first, and a casting rod second to none!


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  1. Rob Edmunds On December 15, 2017 at 2:42 PM

    I still prefere a G.Loomis GLX-Distance but the TCX is definitely the next best rod on the market and easily superior to the Helios ii and iii.