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For many of my fishing buddies the SAGE TCR was the benchmark of high performance fly rods. I am also included in that group f power casters. Not that I am a champion caster, more of a practical caster. The SAGE TCR I own is in 6 weight configuration.

I spend a great deal of time fishing the main of the Salmon River in Idaho. As well as the North and South forks of the Clearwater river. I have found that the TCR gives me a great deal of diversity.
Yes it is one stiff mother, but I can literally switch from weight forward floating line to full sinking line and be able to control the whole of it. If steelheading requires a sink tip, no problem. If you are fishing the Snake and want to cast to the riser "over there" buck up and let her fly. You not only have the power but the finesse as well.

You an pick up the line and make a longgggg cast with little of no false casting a all. And yes, it is very sensitive (should you need to get in touch with your feminine side) even smaller fish still feel great.

The diversity factor is by far the largest reason I hold that TCR close to my heart. As a matter of fact it is the only rod I have worn the cork out on...

I read reviews that are critical of the "fishability" of this fine casting instrument. To those I say, "buy a 4 weight and stop blasting my favorite fly rod".

If you truly seek a high performance rod, take a look at the TCR. If you want a more relaxed or traditional rod, than why are you reading about the TCR?

Here is what Sage has to say about the TCR!

Ultra-Fast Action Rods: Available in line weights 4 through 9.

"We created the Technical Casting Rod (TCR) Series rods to push the boundaries of fast-action tapers and high line speed, while maintaining the all-important fishability. To be clear, these rods are not for the casual angler. The TCR Series is designed for skilled casters facing the most demanding conditions-where technical precision, distance and the ability to cut through wind are at a premium. Try a TCRS-we think you'll be amazed."

Sage on Choices

"In the old days, it was a pretty simple.
In fact, not too long ago, most fly anglers had a single, do-everything rod. It was most likely fiberglass, say a seven-weight, around eight feet long and weighed in at approximately 27 pounds. And that was it. Trout, bass, steelhead, salmon, bonefish... you just had to make do with the old workhorse. Fly fishing gained the reputation for being difficult because in those days, well, it was.

Now, nothing could be more different. Along with constantly evolving materials and construction techniques, the graphite age has brought us a dizzying array of lighter, longer and easier-to-cast fly rods. Suddenly, it seems as though there's a fly rod for every species, every condition and every subtle difference in casting style and preference. And believe it or not, this is good news for fly anglers. Why? Simply put, technology and modern design have made fly fishing easier. Much easier.

Of course, with so many choices, choosing the right fly rod has never been more difficult. At Sage, we believe each angler has a specific set of needs--from personal casting style and angling techniques to fish size, fly size and, yes, even your bank account size. The right rod for you is the one that allows you to cast better, fish more effectively and enjoy yourself more. For example, if your natural casting motion tends to be quick and precise, our faster action rods like the TCR or the XP will fit you perfectly. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed casting stroke, the SLT is the rod for you. We've even created a new series of rods that are specifically designed to make learning to cast easier for everyone.

We also offer rods for special applications to help you make the most of your precious time on the water. Two-handed rods in fast and medium-fast actions, ultra-light high-performance rods, saltwater-specific rods--how do you know which one's right for you? Visit our Web site for more information; then spend a few hours at the fly shop, talk to your dealer and try the rods you're interested in. Then make your decision based on one simple factor: Choose the rod that makes your fishing the most fun.



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